Clothes from LUXZUZ // ONE TWO are created with Nordic traditions in mind, and each collection is based on a deep connection with classic Scandinavian purity.

Simple elegance weaves its way through the stitching and seams, but always leaves room for the cool and the raw, the sophisticated bohemian and the feminine touches.

LUXZUZ // ONE TWO aims to create a bold, uncomplicated look inspired by nature, where patterns and fabrics for dresses and blouses are influenced by the colours and textures that surround us in the Danish countryside.

The goal is to create fashion that can be worn and used again and again. The LUXZUZ // ONE TWO design philosophy requires that a skirt from a previous collection can be mixed and matched with a T-shirt from the latest collection.

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Because although we strive to find the best methods for a gentle production process with the least possible impact on the environment, we can only be truly sustainable if people wear clothes from LUXZUZ // ONE TWO for years, rather than buying a new wardrobe every season.

At LUXZUZ // ONE TWO, we are proud to create our collections on an ethical and responsible basis, and whether we are developing the designs or creating new production processes, we think it should be done the right way. We believe that we can do this without compromising on the clothing’s quality or high standards.

That is why we select and develop our fabrics, designs, colours and cuts with the primary aim that every piece of clothing from LUXZUZ // ONE TWO must be inspiring, timeless and of good quality.